A Little Bit About Me

Emma Mason

Hello! I am Emma (She/They), a qualified Integrative Counsellor based in Greater Manchester. My main goal in therapy is to provide a safe and supportive place for you to explore any issues that you may have. I have a passion for helping people cope with the stresses and strains everyday life throws at them. My counselling technique is a mixture of working with you to explore your issues and also, if you would like to, explore and build on the relationship you have with yourself in order for you to believe and understand your value and that you are worth feeling good about yourself and your life.

I am a down to earth person who is non-judgmental, open and honest and able to offer empathy and encouragement in order to help you. I do not offer advice in my sessions but what I can do is show you some techniques and tools that may help you feel better and live a more fulfilled life. If you would like to just speak to someone to get things off your chest, I am a great listener too. If you would like to know more, please contact me.


What is Integrative Counselling?

One of the big questions in life is "why do we do the things that we do?" Counselling and Psychology research shows us many ways to explain how and why we do the things that we do and these are called theories.

Integrative counselling is a form of counselling where the counsellor has been trained in multiple theories and draws on the knowledge and tools of these theories to tailor the counselling sessions to the individual client.

I am trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Transactional Analysis (TA) and Person Centered.


Qualifications, Training & Experience


  • Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (Stockport College, 2018)

  • Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills (Stockport College, 2016)

  • BA Hons in Counselling and Psychotherapy Studies and Psychology (University of Central Lancashire, 2012)

Additional training (CPD)

  • Exploring Self Harm Certificate

  • Depression, Anxiety and CBT Certificate

  • Online Therapy and Coach CPD Certificate

  • TA101 Certificate (SMCP, 2019)

  • Trauma training CPD Certificate

  • Exploring Gaming Addiction CPD Certificate

  • Understanding and Working with Sexual Abuse CPD Certificate

  • Training in working with people who have Autism (through The National Autistic Society)

  • Creating an Inclusive & Affirming Environment for Your Transgender & Nonbinary Clients (Trans-Affirming Therapists Acadamy)


I have experience working with:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Trauma

  • Stress

  • Job loss

  • Identity

  • Relationship Issues

  • Historical Sexual Abuse

  • Anger Management

  • Relationship with Self (self-esteem, self-love, etc)

  • Bereavement


"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate"

Carl Jung